Updated Saturday, August 16, 2014 09:01 AM IST
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Sargalaya: The mundane transforms into art here 

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Sargalaya: The mundane transforms into art here
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Kozhikode: Located at Iringal in Kozhikode district, Sargalaya, Kerala's arts and craft village, brings together the diverse and rich crafts heritage of Kerala under one roof.

This 20-acre, picturesque  location is being managed as a model for destination tourism. With 27 cottages housing more than 100 artisans, the village produces more than 1000 crafts. 

While one would be amazed by the deftness and skill of artisans and the variety of  products being offered in the village, Sargalaya also offers  a wide collections of books and educational material for artisans ,students, researchers and visitors. The sales emporium offers quality crafts produced from the village .

The village is fast developing into a venue of choice for hosting social and corporate events. Training programmes, seminars and workshops on arts and crafts are also organized regularly. These programmes involve eminent master craftsmen and artists and one can use the opportunity to learn from them.

Foodies who visit the village can explore the variety of foods being offered at a cafe that provides traditional Kerala dishes along with other cuisine, all served with warmth and care.  Those who would like to take an extended break in the village can opt to stay in the village guest house  where AC rooms are available. 

Exceptional crafts & arts 

Sargalaya hosts live performances of Kerala art forms such as Theyyam, Kathakali, Thiruvathirakkali, Oppana,  Mohiniyattam, folk music etc. Advance bookings are required to watch these programmes. 

The variety of crafts that are on display include dry flower leaf stem crafts, herbariums , various kinds of  non-conventional  and ethnic jewellery, hay art, handloom products, terracotta crafts, Korra grass products, papier mache and  bamboo ornaments. Various kinds of pottery, sculpture, metal crafts ,coconut shell crafts, wood crafts, cane furniture, mural sand art, oil & sepia paintings etc are also on display that highlights the excellent skills of artisans involved.

There are also a wide collection of paintings and metal engraving as well as dance- dress ornaments, which draw a lot of visitors.  A special kind of mat prepared from Korra grass, using natural ingredients and colours, is also a hit with visitors.

The crafts village also offers unique art forms. For example,  products made using paddy has been generating a lot curiosity among visitors. Rameshan, a PWD contractor from Kasaragod district has been creating many wonderful crafts using a variety of paddy grains.

Another unique aspect of the village is that craftsmen here use easily-available material or even waste to create exquisite art forms. For example, Water Hyancinth, an aquatic plant which is rich in fibre, is being used to make beautiful mats,bags, yarn etc.  Similarly, screwpine leaves are hand embroidered  and shaped into products such as carry bags. 

The visit to Sargalaya arts and craft village will  definitely be a wonderful experience for you.



(Prepared by Nitha S V)
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