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Last Updated Sunday February 19 2017 05:25 PM IST

Baker Cafe: For a fresh brew

Tucked away beyond the escalator on the ground floor of the recently opened Mall of Joy, Baker Cafe is the latest entrant in the list of eat-outs in Kottayam.

Nirvanam: Introducing the flavors of Kerala in Japan

Normally, we speak about restaurants in Kerala in this section. But, today, we bring you the story of an authentic Kerala restaurant called Nirvanam at Tokyo and its owner Anil Raj who hails from Kollangode, Kerala.

Kashi Art Cafe

If you are the kind of a person who fancies walking into a cafe in your casuals and spending time lazily, unmindful about time ticking away, there is an apt place for you in Kochi.

360 Degrees Pizzeria – Italian it is!

If you are on the lookout for authentic Italian food and you happen to be in Kochi - you need to look no further than 360 Degrees Pizzeria in Panampilly Nagar.Walk into their comfortable space that resembles an underground music alley with red pipes criss-crossing the ceiling and each wall covered

Tried the chicken firecracker at Ramees Restaurant?

A chicken firecracker is not the the name of a new firecracker that has made its way to markets. It is chicken prepared in such a way that it would unleash an explosion of taste in your mouth. The recipe is very simple-almost similar to how you would make a firecracker. Mash up boneless chicken