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Last Updated Wednesday March 21 2018 06:32 PM IST

Herb grilled fish

Easy grilled fish recipe with herbs, citrus crust. Fish grilled with lemon and parsley. For more grilled sea food recipes, visit Onmanorama Food

Oceanic pasta salad

Pasta tossed with prawns and potatoes and made attractively colourful with olives, capsicum and apples, the oceanic pasta salad is just too good to be true.

Bacon and fish bake

Fish baked with lots of cheese and served with bacon, the bacon and fish bake is a musttry recipe.

Apricot cream

All sweet stuff becomes decadent when they are jazzed up with indulgent, meltinthe mouth gooey condensed milk. Here are a bunch of recipes from Ramla Nadukkandi from Kozhikode and Annu Ididkkula from Kochi that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.**Apricot Cream**Send guilt on a holiday as you...

Tomato Sauce

With this recipe you can make sighworthy tomato sauce at home. And save on your food budget as well!

Pasta (with Parmesan Cheese)

Cheesy pasta tossed with lots of onions, capsicum, tomatoes, mushrooms and a dash of vodka, this pasta recipe is amazingly romantic.

Baked brie with caramelized onions

Onions and cheese are a fantastic combination and when baked with apples in butter and olive oil and topped with roasted garlic, you have a wow dish!

Tres leches

A Mexican dessert to die for, ‘Tres leches torte’ means a ‘threemilk cake’. This recipe uses condensed milk, double toned milk and whipping cream to create to create triple magic!


If you are in the mood for something dramatic, then Mughlai cuisine is what you need to rustle up some serious magic in your kitchen. Mughlai food is hallmarked by the heady aroma of spices and rich quantities of ghee. Cooking Mughlai food consumes time but the final result is sure worth it. Here

Enchiladas con pollos

Tortillas stiffed with meat or vegetables and baked with spicy sauce. This item is available even in the wayside eateries in Mexico.

Mexican paella

The Mexican paella is a rice dish similar to the Indian biriyani.


Taco is a traditional Mexican dish. Wheat or maize tortillas filled and folded are called Tacos. This can be had fried or even otherwise. The specialty of tacos is that it tastes great irrespective of the filling. It is generally filled with cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, coriander leaves and onions,


Beef Assado

In the breezy Goan times, the Beef Assado would make for a great dish to savour. On a vacation? All the more perfect!



It is a sumptuous dessert layered with egg yolk and coconut milk. This rich Portuguese legacy is counted upon, be it weddings feasts or Christmas in Goa. In the olden days, bebinca was made in a 'dhond'—a huge earthenware pot—cooked slowly over wooden fire with coal on the lid of the vessel.


Stuffed Pomfret

Make it a stylish dinner with spicy stuffed pomfret as the star attraction of the table, and subject it to some serious appreciation!

Date Bread Pudding

The timeless and classic appeal of the bread pudding, is given a nutritious and sweet boost, with the addition of dates. Easy to rustle up, with healthy ingredients, it is sure to be the favourite family dessert of all kids and their Moms as well!


Chill the heat with this cool Mexican appetizer!

Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Pasta with NoodlesThe easiest and most stylish dishes to serve surprise guest s are without doubt the pasta and noodles. Penne, macaroni, spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli are just a few of the varieties of pasta available. Any of these may be used for the recipes detailed

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