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Last Updated Wednesday March 21 2018 06:23 PM IST

The divine delicacy that’s Kanchi idli

Kanchi Idlis are totally dissimilar in looks from the common variety that’s popularly served all over, though the mixes that go into making the batter are more or less the same.

The fish fry part of #Onam!

Netizens of Malabar maintain that seldom have their celebrations excluded the fish and meat, be it Ramadan or Onam!

Watch how to eat pudding in space

Fischer couldn't resist having some pudding during his stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and showing his followers how hard it is for the astronauts to grab a bite.

'You're on camera' in this thattukada

Thiruvananthapuram: CCTV camera in thattukada? That's the way the owner of the wayside eatery, 'Attukal fast food', likes it! Despite being a regular wayside eatery in Vattiyoorkavu, the place boasts of a CCTV camera, since the owner, Vijayan, prefers transparency in all the hotel

Wake up to Kasargod cuisine, Thrissur

Thrissur: The flavours of Kasaragod that once charmed the palate of the French has come to Thrissur. The Kasargod food festival was brought to Thrissur by a team comprising Rati Sukumaran and Ambika Achuthan, who had organized a food festival at the Gana Festival in France in July. They are now

Savour Bengali delicacies at The Park

New Delhi: Luchi, begun bhaja, kasha mangsho, chingri maacher malai curry, bhapa ilish and a lot more! During the five-day Durga Puja extravaganza, if you are looking for some authentic mouth-watering Bengali delicacies, look no further beyond than The Park.Located in the heart of the city on...

Chandigarh on a new gourmet high

Chandigarh on a new gourmet high - Mannat MundiChandigarh: For a city that survived on the traditional tandoori and butter chicken for years, digging into choicest variety of dimsums and sushi sitting in an eatery crafted on a Japanese temple, enjoying Asian fare from near and far, enjoying the...

Italian ristorante explores Indian taste buds

Antipasti is not pasta, ravioli is quite different from risotto and fettuccini and farfalle are two distinct dishes.. Italian food, to many in India, may be synonymous with pizzas and pastas but the discerning Indian foodie is rapidly unravelling the many nuances of the cuisine.The mushrooming of...

Gastronomic pilgrimage is what Lucknow promises, delivers

Hitting the food trail in Lucknow is a pilgrimage! In this land of indulgent nawabs and haute Awadhi cuisine, a lavish dastarkhwan - Persian for a well-laid-out spread of dishes - awaits worshippers of good food. All return blessed!Be it the street food from the dingy lanes or dishes rolled out at...

Hyderabad's more than biryani - try blazing Andhra cuisine

Hyderabad: For those well-acquainted with Hyderabad, it's often nicknamed a foodie's paradise. But before you draw your conclusions and crown the famous Hyderabadi biryani for the entire credit, it's worth giving another contender a well deserving chance. The local Telugu or Andhra cuisine.They say...

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