Ranjini Haridas, Archana having a rocking good time in Bali

Ranjini Haridas, Archana having a rocking good time in Bali

Bali is a holiday destination that continues to attract travellers, including celebrities, from around the world. The latest among the famous personalities from Kerala to visit the Indonesian island are Renjini Haridas and Archana Suseelan. While Ranjini is well-known as a television anchor, film actress and model, Archana has earned numerous fans thanks to her roles in television serials.

Both Ranjini and Archana are enjoying themselves in Bali and have shared photos of their celebrations on Instagram. No wonder, the pictures have gone viral.

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Mount Batur ❤️❤️❤️ sunrise 👌👌👌

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There are around 17,000 islands in Indonesia, but none can match Bali in scenic beauty. Stunning scenery and beautiful beaches make the island an ideal holiday destination. Another advantage is the weather, which is pleasant throughout the year. Good planning would also enable visitors to reduce their expenses by a great deal.

Fans of Ranjini and Archana are drawn to the photos not only due to their admiration for the celebrities but also the amazing sights of Bali.

Bali has a myriad of attractions to offer and visitors have to be alert to experience each of them. People in Kerala heard about Bali for the first time thanks to ‘Bali Dweep’, a travelogue by the Jnanpith Award-winning writer S K Pottekkatt. However, Bali has much more to present before visitors than any travel book can describe.

In fact, there are several similarities between Bali and Kerala. The two main common factors are the geography and the economy. Like Kerala, Bali too has the sea, forests and hills in a small area of land. Again, Bali’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism as is the case with Kerala. In fact, 80 per cent of the Indonesian island’s revenue is from tourism.

Bali has several centuries’-old temples which are lined like a necklace. Among the most striking shrines is the Uluwatu temple, which is built on 70-metre cliff facing the sea. Constructed in the 11th century AD, Uluwatu temple offers a panoramic view of the ocean. The popular Padang Padang beach is situated close to Uluwatu temple.

Most travellers reach Bali via the Kuala Lumpur airport. The main airport in Bali is at Denpasar which is constructed right beside the sea. The sight of aircraft landing and taking off almost caressing the waves at Denpasar is also a fascinating sight.