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Last Updated Thursday March 22 2018 04:10 AM IST

How Hotel Sapphire changed biryani experience of Thrissur

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Biryani c/o Hotel Sapphire in Thrissur can surely stand up to its closest kin from Thalassery and Kozhikode. Blending with the cuisine of the place, Sapphire biryani has, however, retained its identity with its distinct taste, the result of an expert mix of Arabian spices and the best of Indian rice.

The joint has become a foodie hot spot with prospective diners impatiently waiting in line for those already polishing up their biryani, to be done with it.

It is the experience and expertise of two generations that make Sapphire biryani special and addictive. Its aroma, taste and quality keep folks returning for more. It’s not just Malayalis who flock around, but people from all states make a beeline to Sapphire.

The Sapphires impressed our food reviewers more than once: The Persia of Thrissur | Biryani at its best at Sapphire Restaurant

Hotel Sapphire

Saudi Royal connection

Hotel Sapphire’s history, that dates back to 1972, has a Saudi Royal connection. Thrissur native P A Azu, who happened to be a favorite cook of the Saudi king, started this venture when he returned to Kerala homesick. As cooking was the only trade he knew, Azu decided to go for it in a small way. He set up a hotel of modest proportions. That was the beginning. But Azu had already made a culinary history of sorts. That people today come to Sapphire in droves, just as they did half a century ago, is testimony enough to the delectable dishes the hotel serves.

The mix

The hotel swears by quality. The biryani rice comes from Siliguri and the chicken and mutton from the owners’ farms. Food once cooked is consumed the same day and nothing is shoved into the refrigerator or freezer to be used later. Whatever comes in excess is given away for free to those in want. And everything is reasonably priced.

Sapphire, the dream run of a man who started it all, is now ran by the second generation of the family.

A meal from Sapphire is twice blessed. Not only does it fill the tummy, but it also makes the diner happy.

Try it out

Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Tandoori fish, Tawa chicken, Chilly chicken, Porotta-fish curry and fresh juices

Getting there

Hotel Sapphire

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (Under 55 km)

Nearest Railway Station: Thrissur (under 200 meter)

Nearest Bus Terminus: Thrissur (under 200 meter)

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