'Frappe Storm' creates a rush of tastes and flavours in a glass bottle


It is the sweet sea breeze which lulls the Kozhikode town to sleep and wakes it up to an amazing day bustling with activities. This sea and its shores have a prominent place in the history of the country as it was here that the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama reached for the first time.

Through the shores, he travelled towards the south and visited the Zamorin at his palace near Kuttichira. The Kunjali Marakkars had once reined the raging waves of this sea and protected this land from invaders. The majestic blue building of the Akashavani and the beach hospital build by the British and the Gujarati school are few of the unique features of Kozhikode.

The Calicut Gujarati Private School was opened in 1869 to provide education to the children of Gujarati merchants settled here. Later when the school was shifted to the new building at Beach Road, in 1952, it was renamed as Shri Naranji Purushothama Vidya Bhavan.

In 1969, the state government recognized it as a high school. Kozhikode's beloved Gujarati School would be celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary (150 years) next year. Renowned Malayalam writer S K Pottakad was a teacher here from 1936 to 1939, and this school played a major role in inspiring the impeccable writer in him.

Frappe Storm

A small kiosk made elegantly with wood captures the attention of people thronging the beach to have a great time. 'Frappe Storm' draws many visitors to try out its unique drinks. Flowering plants and bushes in tiny mud pots add a welcoming charm to the kiosk. Frappe or frappuchino is an iced beverage which is blended, beaten, and shaken to make a frothy, refreshing drink.

The sweet pop secret frappe is a deliciously cold milk drink with a hint of peanuts in it. Frappe is served attractively in glass bottles which remind one of the old milk bottles which were used in households. The customers can even take the glass bottle with them as Frappe Storm is committed to reduce wastage and protect the environment.