Waterfalls that come to life in Idukki during monsoons

  • Monsoon turns Idukki into the land of waterfalls.
  • Streams start to overflow during rains.
Photos: Aravind Bala

Thin streams start overflowing as the monsoon touches the land and turn Idukki into the land of waterfalls.

Anayadikuthu waterfalls

It's 20 km from Thodupuzha on the route to Thommankuthu and involves a half kilometer trek on foot from the road.

Water gushes as rain soaks the earth and flows over the rocks, generating wild rhythm. Sometimes, the froth turns white and sometimes muddy due to rain.

As the rains fall, the areas surrounding Thodupuzha and Munnar become full of waterfalls that excite viewers. It's difficult to visit all of them. Anachadikuthu, Thommankuthu, Njandirukki, Aruvikkuthu, Thoovanam, and Cheeyappara are some of the waterfalls in this are. Kuthu is local slang for waterfalls.



As per legend, small lakes that the waterfalls create were the bathing places of angels. The waterfall is risky since it holds rock pits and is slippery. The place has witnessed several deaths and hence visitors are advised to observe rules strictly. Facilities are available for a trek to Ezhu Nilakkuthu, a kilometer away in the woods.


Never venture into the waters ignoring warnings issued by local people and authorities.

At spots, do not venture without life guards. Always listen to what local people say.

Water could swell in rivers when it rains and hence rivers should be avoided.

Never shoot pictures standing on slippery rocks.

The waterfalls lure you. But the flow of water is unpredictable. Waterfalls are for viewing. A chance to lapse into the beauty of nature from a distance.

Thommankuthu waterfalls

One needs to trek through the woods to reach here. Tree-top cottages are available for visitors. Entry fee is Rs 20 for adults and Rs 10 for kids. Trekking is available in the forest from November to May. The fee is Rs 1,000.

The waterfall is intense in rainy season.

Thoovanam waterfalls


Needs a 6 km trek through the woods. Per head fee is Rs 200.

There's a forest department log house near the waterfalls. Two people can stay for Rs 3,000. Extra beds will cost Rs 1,000 each. Maximum capacity is five.



The Anchuruli tunnel reaches water to the Idukki reservoir. It overflows during monsoon.

How to reach

Thommankuthu: Nearly 72 km from Ernakulam via Vannapuram. Muvattupuzha-Thodupuzha-Karimannur is another route.



It's on the Thommankuthu route from Thodupuzha.

Njandirukki waterfalls


85 km from Ernakulam. Thodupuzha to the waterfalls is via Alakode, Kalyanthani.

Aruvikkuthu waterfalls


65 km from Ernakulam. Five from Thodupuzha. 20 km on the Koothattukulam-Vazhithala-Canaltop route.

Thoovanam waterfalls


45 km on the Munnar-Chinnar route.

Cheeyappara waterfalls

Near Valara on the Kochi-Dhanushkodi national highway. 45 km from Thodupuzha on the Munnar route.