Nadukani offers a window to pristine Idukki


Even as you bask under the sunlight, the mist would engulf you in the blink of an eye. The weather changes so spontaneously in Nadukani that it lets you watch the different phases of nature all at once.

For those who of you who have not had this experience, head to the Nadukani View Point in Kerala's Idukki district.

Sometimes the mist would be so thick that you would not be able to see the person standing right next to you. At others, sunlight would light up the valley around you.

The Nadukani View Point is 4 km ahead of Kulamavu Dam along the Thodupuzha-Idukki state highway. The view point is tucked away in the wilderness, about 300 metres off the main road. Vehicles can go up to the entrance.

Behold the view

The view point is more like a pit stop en route to more scenic destinations of the hill-range district.

It is like a small window has been opened into the wonders that Idukki holds.

Those heading to the famed Idukki arch dam, high-range areas, and Kumily, should not skip halting at the view point. An ideal place for you to take an hour-long break and treat yourself to some scenic sights of the valley, before continuing with the journey to your destination.

The view point lets you soak in the beauty of the region that has the picturesque Malankara dam and catchment area.

Seated on the comfy chairs placed at strategic points among the boulders, you would be able to have a good look of the region that includes the Moolamattom powerhouse.

Greenery all around

Never-ending stretches of greenery would greet you as you look down at the hills all around. Even these hills would adorn different shades of green. They would sport the eye-pleasing evergreen colour as the trees sway in the wind. The hills then transform into an aquatic green before diluting into a light shade of green from time to time.

The tourism department operates the Nadukani pavilion and the view point.

Ticket rate

For adults Rs 15, for children Rs 10


8am to 8pm


32 km away from Thodupuzha along the Thodupuzha-Idukki Road


You can book accommodation at private resorts near Nadukani