A one-day outing at a farm for Rs 300, all included

A one-day outing at a farm for Rs 300, all included

Spending a day outdoors at a place blessed by natural beauty is always a pleasure. When the trip includes a meal with fresh fish curry as bonus, the programme becomes a big hit.

No wonder, with these attractions, the Fish World Aqua Centre at Thettakam in Vaikom is witnessing a steady stream of visitors. The centre has set a new trend in farm tourism on the Kariyar river, a tributary of the Muvattupuzha river. Several travellers, including foreign tourists, visit the place every day seeking entertainment as well as knowledge.

The first striking aspect of the centre is its construction, using bamboo. But visitors will be greeted with more unique experiences at the location.

A one-day outing at a farm for Rs 300, all included

The farm tourism project launched by the couple Vipin and Anila in 2014 attracted attention in no time as it focussed on imparting knowledge through fun and spreading awareness on the environment. The recent severe floods had affected the centre too, but it has overcome the challenge and reached new heights.

The biggest attraction of Fish World Aqua Tourism Village is the world's first floating cycle track. There are several other activities which can keep youngsters as well as adults engaged. The village is among the limited centres utilising the full potential of fish farming and tourism in Kottayam district.

Most of the visitors to the farm are children who arrive from various districts of Kerala. In fact, the place receives hundreds of school students every day.

The farm is around 25 km from Kumarakom in Kottayam district.

A one-day outing at a farm for Rs 300, all included

Floating cycle track

The main attraction floating cycle track has been built utilising the latest technology. Adventure seekers find the activity much interesting. The track, which extends to about 250 metres, literally floats on water.

Other attractions at the farm include the biggest freshwater aquarium in Kerala, a museum exhibiting items like conches and shells and a park of aquatic plants.

The museum has colourful species of local as well as foreign fish, while fish farming and aquaponics pigeon also attract visitors. Children are glad to engage in archery, frolic in the kids’ park and have fun on the water slide, rain bath and fish world. Along with enjoying the sights, the services of guides are available and they explain the details.

A one-day outing at a farm for Rs 300, all included


Facilities are arranged for angling on the riverside at the farm. A ride can also be taken out in the water on a coracle or canoe. Pearl spot grown in the farm can be caught by visitors and bought at a price of Rs 500 per kg. The fish caught from the river flowing by the village can be taken home free of cost.

Local cuisine

Visitors are drawn to the village not only by the activities but also the sumptuous meal with fish served there. Local people and foreigners alike find the food very tasty. People planning to visit the village can contact the operators over phone and make bookings.

A one-day outing at a farm for Rs 300, all included

Farm village packages

The farm offers two packages. In the first, visitors can enjoy the sights, engage in angling, take part in fun activities and have lunch at Rs 300. The second package includes welcome drink, lunch, evening snacks, entertainment and rain bath at Rs 450.

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