Have you been to Ramanchira Waterfalls?


Want to explore a less famous vacation spot during Onam? The unparalleled beauty of the crystal clear water falls at Ramanchira beckons. This hidden beauty is 18 kilometers away from the city and depends on the rains - and hence,  the number of tourists visiting is relatively less. 

The extraordinary sight of water dancing down a cliff, and through the little chasms will calm your senses. The water which flows through huge chunks of hard rocks finally reaches the reservoir of the Peechi dam. 

Have you been to Ramanchira Waterfalls in Thrissur?
It is a paradise for the locals. Photo: Onmanorama

It is safe to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the Ramanchira falls from the lower part of the waterfall, though it might be a little dangerous to climb up the slippery rocks. The waterfalls which originate atop a mountain in Karadikunnu charming indeed. The people in the locality say that tourists from far away do not really know about this place. 

Best time to visit

It is ideal to visit Ramanchira during the rains. From June to November the waterfalls will amaze you. 

Reaching the waterfall

A 15-minute walk from Kombazha on the Thrissur - Palakkad highway, this waterfall is a favorite for the locals. 

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