Pattathipara waterfalls is one of Thrissur's best kept secrets


There’s magic in Pattathipara’s waterfalls. The place is an easily accessible 13 km away from Thrissur town. A 400-metre trek from a vehicles-stop through evergreen forests will take you to the place. 

The falls comes down with a mighty roar from Vellanimala. They then take a two-way plunge from Chenguthaya para before plunging into the Karikkapuzha rivulet, all the while hitting rocks and crevices on the course down. 

One of the attractions of the place is the facility to splash about in the waters close to a check dam built over two decades ago. It needs daredevilry, a spirit of adventure and a wee bit of foolhardiness to get to the bottom of the waterfall and enjoy its splendor, for the slippery rocks, are sure to invite danger.

Pattathipara waterfalls is one of Thrissur's best kept secrets

Way back in 1997, there was a plan to generate 1 megawatt of electricity from the mega waterfall which enjoyed a steady fall for over seven to eight months a year. But the plan was shelved as the Forest Department failed to give its nod for the project, said T.Rajappan, a member of the panchayat then.

Pattathipara waterfalls is one of Thrissur's best kept secrets

With concerted efforts, Pattathipara, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Forest Department, can not only be turned into a tourist destination worthy of its name, but also a favorite hotspot where people can truly unwind.

Reaching Pattathipara

A 11-km drive along the National Highway towards Palakkad will take you to either Panancherry or Chembuthra, from where you turn northward and go two km along Thalikode Road to reach Pattathipara.   

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