Kolavally, Kabani's boon to Wayanad


Kabani flows with all its beauty by Kolavally, a village that shares the boarder with Gundara forest range in Karnataka. The woods provide a wild touch to the village while the fields add an idyllic charm. Kolavally holds many heroic tales of toil and survival that its people have come through.

One can walk through the golden paddy fields to reach Kabani. The river, flowing eastward, first turns to the south and then to the north as it reaches Kolavally, a sight that's quite a treat.

Kannarampuzha (Kannaram river) flows into Kabani from the west side of the village creating a majestic fusion to watch.

The sunrise and set evening provide a magic touch to Kolavally. The light mist which forms above the river makes it more exotic in December-January mornings.

The place is also rich in the natural flora and fauna of the river bed. Several species of fish, birds and butterflies, apart from snakes, are plenty here. The Gundara Maqam - the darga of Hazrath Sayyid Bari Rahmathullaah, admission to where is restricted to once a year, is also located there.

Kolavally lies like Kabani's boon. It has a great tradition of farmers who toil against adverse climatic conditions and keep the environment as a friend.

How to reach


Nearest town: Pulpalli (10km)

Nearest railway station: Kozhikode railway station (118km)

Nearest airport: Calicut International airport at Karipur (124km)

Things to do: Village visit, photo walks, water sports, trekking, pilgrim spot

Pilgrimage to Gundara Maqam: The dates, though mostly comes in April or May, are fixed keeping in mind the favorable logistic conditions. The dates of annual pilgrimage to the Maqam is announced two weeks prior from the mosque in Machur.

Places to see

Edakkal caves  - If stepping into the bygone era is something you are passionate about, then the historically significant Edakkal Caves will prove to be a great experience.

Meenmutty - Choose the wilderness and the river to wash away the tedium of city life.

Aranamala  - fills eyes and hearts

Sugandhagiri -  Where fragrance wafts in every breeze

Banasura Sagar Dam - The largest earthen dam in India is located at Padinjarathara, about 25 km northeast of Kalpetta.

Must eat

Ask your tour operator to make arrangements to try out tribal cuisine of Wayanad, like kaatu curry, then nellikka, etc.

Puttu and beef/fish curry – Have you tried fish for breakfast? If not try, give it a try in Wayanad.

Try it at home Recipe: Puttu kozhi – a whole roasted chicken stuffed with puttuMalabar beef roast

Chatti Pathiri - is layered savory pastry made in Malabar and the northern regions of Kerala.

Bread Mukki Porichathu - Amusingly enough, this is a sweet snack.

Neypathiri – It is a must try snacks for vegetarians.

Things to buy

Honey, coffee, tea, cardamom, handicrafts, spices