Tips to keep yourself safe in floods

Tips to keep yourself safe in flood
Flood-affected people are moved to a safer place in Paravur in Ernakulam district in Kerala | Photo: Reuters

The authorities have declared alerts in many parts of Kerala as the state is battling harsher monsoon with torrential rains, flash floods, and land slips. People should be heedful of such official alerts and warnings, to keep themselves safe. This is not the right time to plan a trip to beaches or waterfalls. Also, it wouldn't be wise to visit the flooded areas. Do not risk your lives to click selfies on bridges and river banks as the water level may rise rapidly.

Avoid playing in the rivers and other water bodies when it rains heavily. Parents must ensure that their kids don't get into the water bodies to play or to have fun. Bathing in the river could be dangerous. The official announcements should be shared with all the members of the family. Check the media for warnings, alerts, and updates.

Do not hesitate to move to the relief camps if necessary. Those who require help should inform the authorities in advance. Switch off the main switch as soon as water gushes inside the house or building. It is better to avoid trips to the districts ravaged by floods and land slips.