The 'bullet queen' rides to Gundlupet

shyni gundlupet

All bullet lovers are familiar with the name Shyni Rajkumar – the bullet queen of Kerala. The queen loves her journeys, especially when she has her Himalayan Bullet for a companion. Her solo trips to the Himalayas have made it to headlines earlier.

The most recent trips that Shyni has taken from her home at Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram were to Wayanad and Gundlupet in Karnataka.

Usually, Shyni sets out on her journeys all by herself. But by the time she reaches her destination, it will be a bullet procession in tow! She has a large number of friends who share her ardent passion for the vehicle, spread out all over Kerala. This time around too, she set out on her own, but by the time Shyni reached Wayanad, she had gathered a large group of friends, joining her from various points en route.

Reaching Wayanad at night, their first destination was Muthanga. Shyni says that the nights enhance the beauty of Wayanad forests. Muthanga had given her unforgettable experiences. The beauty of Muthanga need to be experienced, no words would be enough to describe it, according to her. The forest area of Muthanga shares the border of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and lies close to the Mudumalai and Bandipur National Parks. The lush greenery of the forests and the cool weather make Muthanga one of the most attractive spots for travellers.


From Muthanga, the group left straight for Gundlupet via the Muthanga – Bandipur – Gundlupet road which is a much-frequented route by travellers. The travel along this road, watching the lush vegetation and enjoying the whisper of the tree canopies can give you mements of peace. The Bandipur National Park is familiar to all Malayalis who have passed along this way at least once in their life. A Gundlupet in full bloom welcomed Shyni and her friends. The sunflower fields of Gundlupet provided a perfect backdrop for Shyni and her bullet.

Gundlupet is encircled by tourist attractions all around, with Mysuru, Bandipur National Park, Gopalswamy Betta and Mudumalai National Park being just a few examples. Those who are interested can continue their trips to these locations that offer bagful of sights.

Shyni's passion for riding had even led her to forming a riders club exclusively for women. The club, called Dauntless Royal Explorers Club, now has five chapters in Kerala.