Here are a few travel tips for hassle-free journeys

travel essentials

Travel should be liberating and reflective and not spent worrying about being robbed or losing things. One must always be alert and aware in new surroundings and these tips will allow you to be so.


Limited cash for basics is always the best option. Keep your wallet light with bare necessities, and stock up on your bank apps. Try to avoid carrying big currency and opt for small change whenever possible.

No bling

Travelling alone and on public transport brings crowds and attention. Your clothes and jewellery may attract robbers, so it's always better to leave gold, fancy jewellery and possessions at home.

Fanny pack

This is the best travel accessory to carry money and documents in since it hangs on the waist and cannot be easily found or snatched. This allows you to travel easy, without fear or worry.

Identity proof

Always carry one valid original ID proof, apart from your licence, to ensure entry into protected areas.

Emergency kit

This goes down as one of the core basics of travelling and should include common medicines, band aid, a pair of scissors, antiseptic and water. It is also always wise to carry a pair of extra clothes in case of any incident.

Positive attitude

Losing things sometimes, and unfortunately, is part of the travel experience. In case of a loss or theft, keep a cool mind and avoid panic. Always keep in hand the contact number of local authorities.

Dear diary

Keep a book or journal where you list out all your belongings and have an idea of what you are carrying. Also include a printout of all the places and contacts you need for your trip. Paper is easier and attracts less attention than having to pull the phone out at regular intervals.


Educate yourself on your destination and its people. Awareness always makes for good travel-knowledge and changes the way locals treat you. Learn a few of the basic words, respect their culture and see the difference.

Lighten up

If you're hitting more than one place, light travel is the best kind. List out the places and people you will be seeing and plan your wardrobe accordingly. This leaves enough space for you to bring other items and cuts down overall weight of your luggage.