How to protect yourself from air pollution while travelling

How to protect yourself from air pollution while travelling | Shutterstock

Air pollution is a rising problem for travellers who travel within the country as well as outside. Here are some simple and effective tips to protect you and your family from air pollution while travelling.

Check the air quality before you travel

Make sure to find out the air quality of your destination before you travel. You can watch the TV weather reports or search online to figure out the level of air pollution in the region. If you have a history of respiratory diseases such as asthma, make sure to consult your doctor to be sure that you're fit to travel.

Travelling with children

If you're making travel plans with your children, make sure to choose locations that are not of poor air quality as children absorb more amount of air when compared to adults and are affected more by air pollution. The problem is worse in the case of newborns.

Stay hydrated

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Drink plenty of water. Always make sure to carry a bottle of fresh water with you while you travelling. Drinking water will help you to flush out toxins and body wastes. You can make detox water on your own using amala or tulsi leaves.

Protect your skin

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Use a sunscreen or moisturiser when you travel. It will provide additional layers to your skin and will prevent your skin from the toxins it picks up from exposure to the polluted air. Wash your face with cold water and use a non- exfoliating face wash to remove the toxins from your skin. While bathing, use a scrub that can properly rub away the pollutants from your body. Make sure to wash your skin properly at night before sleep in order to make sure that harmful chemicals do not penetrate through your skin.

Use a face mask

Use an anti- air pollution mask that can keep yourself safe from the polluted air. Make sure to choose a certified mask. Select a proper air filtering mask rather than a disposable face mask that you can get from a pharmacy.

Use a scarf

How to protect yourself from air pollution while travelling

You can use a scarf that will serve as a fashion accessory and at the same time protect you from dust and air pollutants. Nowadays bio-scarf, a scarf with a built- in air filter is available. Bio-scarfs are a fashionable alternative to air masks.