Here's how to be a green traveller

Here's how to be a green traveller
The destination you choose for your travel plays a key role in being a green traveller.

You may follow a sustainable lifestyle at home but very often we forget about sustainability while on vacation. Travelling has significant effects on the environment. Here are some steps that you can follow on your next travel in order to be a green traveller.

Choose an ethical travel destination

The destination you choose for your travel plays a key role in being a green traveller. In the planning stage, look for places which give priority to sustainability. Ethical Traveller is an all- volunteer non profit organisation that reviews the policies and practices of hundreds of nations in the developing world. Their website gives you a list of countries that are doing the most impressive job of preserving the environment while creating a lively, community based tourism. You can refer their website for their list of the world's ten best ethical destinations.

Your mode of transport

Choose a low- carbon emission mode of transport. If your destination is accessible by train then make that your mode of transport. Eliminate unnecessary flights whenever possible. Travelling via train, bus or ship has a lesser negative environmental impact than travelling by plane. Use the local public transport whenever possible or travel on foot or bike.

Stay in a sustainable lodging

Look for eco- friendly or green hotels. Many hotels, from budget friendly to luxurious hotels are taking steps to make their practices more sustainable. Find hotels or hostels which have environment friendly policies and practices and offer more sustainable services. Browse the hotel websites and search if they practice energy or water conservation, recycling or waste reduction. Look for hotels or resorts that serve sustainably sourced and healthier cuisine.

Find an eco-friendly tour operator

Find out about the tour operator's sustainable practices. An eco-friendly business will promote environmental conservation, protect the natural resources and wildlife and support the local economy and its people by employing local guides. Tour companies that are green will usually detail their sustainability on their website. If a company is not clear about its policy then ask them directly.

Be as green as you can

Leave no trace when visiting a destination. Minimise the disposal of solid wastes, particularly plastic wastes. Drink from re-usable water bottles instead of using a single use bottle. Avoid using plastic bags, use packing cubes. For shopping, use re-usable shopping bags or cotton tote bags instead of plastic bags. Do not throw away the left over shampoos conditioners. Support the businesses that are doing their part in being eco- friendly. Buy the local food and drinks. Trying out the local dishes will not only help you in experiencing the local culture of the place but local foods usually use local ingredients which means that the ingredients used in your food have travelled less. Buy local produce and goods whenever possible. Don't be a part of unethical tourist attractions, such as tourism that involves animals.