Hiking checklist: What to have in your backpack for a short trek


Heading out for a short hike is the best way to explore nature with your friends. At the same time, it is also important to carry the right things for a hiking making sure not to stuff unwanted things that would make your backpack heavy. What you should carry in your bag always depends on the terrain you are hiking. Here's a checklist on what to pack for a short hiking. Remember, buying all these essentials is always an investment.


Always remember to choose the right bag. Most of the bags these days come with rain covers and it is better to buy one for a hike. Also, ensure that you carry only one bag as more than one bag will trouble you while climbing the hills.


Fleece always comes in handy if you are hiking to a cold place. It helps you to keep your body warm till 10 degree Celsius. Our aim is to carry light, so better take a fleece than taking a lot of clothes.



Carry a poncho or a raincoat if it is rainy season. Poncho raincoats help you walk freely. One also can put the bag inside the poncho.


Remember to take a pair of gloves if the place is cold. If your hands are not given the right warmth, you might feel cold faster.


Quick dry apparels are available in the markets now. It is always better to carry them as it is also lightweight and can be packed easily in your bag.


Take a hat or a cap that can help you protect from the UV. This will help you from direct sun rays that could make you tired.


If you have to hike in the night, always remember to take a torch with you. Trust us, it will always come handy. There are hand torches as well as head torches available in the market.


Water bottle

Water is always the best solution for dehydration. Always carry a bottle with water whenever you travel. Drink lots of water before you start hiking. Carry reusable water bottle and travel green.

Hiking pole

A hiking pole gives you the right grip when you walk or hike on a difficult terrain. You can also load your pole in the bag you carry. Also, make sure to adjust the pole so that your arms are at 90 degree angle.


It is very important to choose the right shoe for your hiking. Remember not to buy a shoe which is larger than your foot size. While hiking, it is important that you pick the right one. It shouldn't be too tight or loose. Otherwise, it will be difficult to walk.


Carry a pair of a socks or two. There are socks which will help you stay away from scratches and blisters.

Food and beverages

No great road trip is complete without a stopover at some renowned eating joint. However, there might be miles to go before you reach the eating place. So, it is essential to keep a stock of your favourite snacks the night before you start the hike.

Emergency kit

A small kit must include items like a medicines, bandages, spray, your toiletries and stuffs.