Kochi flower show opens at Ernakulathappan Ground

Kochi flower show opens at Ernakulathappan Ground

Kochi: The grand flower show, conducted by the district agri-horticulture society, began on Friday at the Ernakulathappan Ground. The visitors can see more than fifty thousand flowering plants at the mega flower show that lasts until 12th January. More than two thousand rose varieties, one thousand pots of orchids, grafted adenium, pertunia, dahlia, gerbera, salvia, princess settia which is the latest variety of the poinsettia and chrysanthemums are some of the varieties that would be the major attractions at the show.

Besides, there would be bonsai plants, rare ayurvedic herbs and unique star plants too. A special pavilion, which has an area of more than 5000 sqft, has been arranged for the flower show. Interesting installations designed using flowers and plants too would be extremely attractive.

Many government and non-governmental organizations like the state agriculture department, farm information bureau, coir board, coconut development board, state horticulture mission, kerafed and infopark would have stalls at the flower show. There would be 6 special pavilions dedicated to the rose varieties, hibiscus, cactuses, orchids and topiary flowers.

The visitors can click amazing pictures at the selfie spots and photo booths that are arranged as part of the flower show. There would be daily prizes for the best selfie. On 11th January, pushparajakumaran and pushparajakumari contests would be held for kids.

The flower show was inaugurated by Justice AK Jayasankaran Nambiar. Around 25 nurseries from around the state would sell flowering plants and saplings for minimal price. Visitors would be allowed entry from 9 am onwards from the day of the inauguration. Students will be given discounts for entry.