Here are restrictions imposed on tourists visiting Kerala

Here are restrictions imposed on tourists visiting Kerala

The tourism sector has been receiving major blow ever since the coronavirus outbreak in Kerala.

The number of tourists visiting the tourism hotspots in the Idukki district has plummeted. The district collector has instructed the cottages, home stays and resorts to not take any new bookings from foreigners.

Though many have cancelled the bookings, tourists including foreigners are still looking for rooms. However, hotels and resorts are refusing them accommodation. Interestingly, domestic tourists do not find difficulty in finding rooms to stay.

The foreign tourists who are currently staying at the resorts would be observed for COVID-19 symptoms. If they develop symptoms, the health officials would be alerted.

62 foreigners in Kottayam

The special branch said that only 62 foreigners have visited Kottayam on Sunday. Many hotels and home stays are not taking any bookings since March 12. Besides, they make sure that the tourists do not have fever or any other health problems.

House boats too are in the dock as the number of tourists has gone down. Most hotels and resorts in Kumarakom and Vagamon are closed. The district collector has instructed the hotels to inform the police and the health officials if foreign tourists check in. Proper accommodation facilities should be arranged for the foreign travellers who have already booked the rooms.

Many resorts run with minimum staff and the rest have been sent on leave. However, the workers are worried that they wouldn’t receive this month’s salary and other incentives and would even lose their jobs.

The tourists who arrive from abroad should stay in the pre-booked hotels for 14 days. They shouldn’t interact with the public or use public transportation.

Police and health department join hands

The police and the health officials are jointly holding inspections at the various check posts in the Idukki district. Infrared thermometers are used to check the temperatures of the visitors. Using this equipment, the temperature could be checked by keeping a distance, without touching the other person’s body. The body temperature would be accurately recorded.