Eat, prey, love... in Kerala


After an eventful two days on road, the Kerala Blog Express has swiftly taken the reign of the long and interconnected backwaters of Kerala. The last couple of days saw the bloggers gearing up for boat races and exploring the wilderness with the regal tuskers in Kollam.

Add to that some rejuvenation time at the Kollam Sivananda yoga centre, where some of them entered in a journey to soul via uniting mind and body, and the trip continues to echo all things splendid about Kerala.

On Day 3, they were seen relishing a lovely breakfast at the Quilon Beach Hotel where they were put up. The beach hotel, obviously sea-facing, offers a picturesque view.

While the ladies had dressed up in the beautiful gold and white Kerala sari the night before, the men, well, at least one man did not want to be left far behind. Blogger Jokuti flamboyantly tucked in a 'mundu' teeming it with a crisp white shirt, making the look a smash hit!

He was also seen behind the wheels of a lorry sporting a grin!

Twilight guided them to the deck of their houseboats in Alappuzha, their destination post lunch. Their evening on Thursday was punctuated with soft orange lights and sunshine coloured banana fritters, the quintessential snack of the Malayali.

Their wade through the calm waters must have spelled out bliss, with the beautifully tinted skies playing light and shadow, inching towards dusk.

A Kerala Tourism initiative, the luxury bus, blog express has on board 30 travel bloggers from across the globe, who're on a two-week stint in Kerala.

Video blogger Mochila Nomada has summed it up in his video that was uploaded on youtube. It's love, laughter and colours in nomadic circles! (oh, and correction, he was game for the mundu as well, as you'll see in the video)