Bloggers into the water and onto the elephants!


Travelling bloggers, part of the Kerala Blog Express 2, en route north of Kerala from the southern tip made a transcendental beginning to their journey on Day 1, paying a visit to the Padmanabha Swamy temple. The high-octane clan seems to be decided on revving up this trip; they have been constantly updating about the itinerary and posting pictures and notes on Twitter.

Mochila Nomada, one of the bloggers, is seen excitedly sharing his experiences of the tour in video posted on youtube. The description written in Spanish translates to, (The journey) began with the official presentation to the press and the Minister of Health. After meeting all bloggers, we visited the Padmanabhaswamy Temple to know its history and stroll around the royal palace. The day ended with a beautiful sunset overlooking the sea—thanks to google translator.

On Day 2, the group has again posted several splendid snaps of the elephant rehabilitation centre at Kottur. The picture here is from the Twitter page of the blogger 'The Green Geekette88' who seems to have a penchant for clicking happy pictures in amusing acrobatic postures.

They went on to embark on a drift through the waters of Kerala, organized by Raviz Experience.

Clearly delighted by the cuisine of Kerala, they are going all out to experiment with the native dishes.

A busy day ends on a charming note as ladies dress up in the traditional attire of the state, thanking their hosts.

This one-of-a-kind endeavour by the Kerala Tourism board has brought 25 renowned bloggers under the same roof of the Blog Express—the luxury bus that is to take them from the southern end of Kerala to its northern end! This two week trip is the culmination of an online campaign, the brainchild of the Kerala Tourism corporation. And we'll be queuing up for more updates as the event seems promising.